Promula is the world's foremost language translation technology. Since 1982, we have applied our industrial-strength code conversion and re-engineering tools to several hundred successful migration projects worldwide.
   Visual Basic to .NET Migration Tools and Services
Our translation technology, promulaBasic, supports custom migrations of Visual Basic/COM Applications to .NET via translation to C# or VB.NET.
This tool is meant to serve the VB community as a continuous upgrade option from Visual Basic to .NET. This option is particularly relevant now, since Microsoft ended mainstream support for VB6 on March 31, 2005 and extended support on April 8, 2008 (see outcry from the Classic VB community).

In 2006, we transferred our technology to Great Migrations who are now carrying forward the Promula legacy.

   Translation Tools and Services
Over the past three decades, we have either developed language translation tools or applied them in support of software conversion projects for the purpose of moving legacy systems from one environment to another -- with minimum effort, cost and time.
Machine Independent Software
We made our first migration tool back in the mid 1970s -- FTSQR, a FORTRAN-to-FORTRAN translator which we applied to the migration of legacy FORTRAN-based systems across mainframes (IBMs, VAXes, UNIVACs, PRIMEs, Honeywells, ControlDatas, etc.). At that time, we developed cross-platform techniques for moving mainframe applications from one proprietary platform to another via translation to a machine independent dialect subset of the FORTRAN language.
In the early 1980s, we developed tools for rehosting mainframe applications to desktop computers and Unix platforms via translation to portable C. With these tools, we migrated to the PC ("downsized") several large- scale mainframe systems (FORTRAN-based analytical applications, financial modeling systems (EMPIRE, IMPACT), and dynamic simulation systems (DYNAMO, NUCLEUS)).
FORTRAN to C Translation
In the late 1980s, we published promulaFortran, our first commercial-grade FORTRAN-to-C translation tool, for which we are best known.
Legacy System Migrations
In the 1990s, along with our clients, we applied our migration tools to hundreds of successful re-hosting projects around the world -- across multiple platforms (mainframes, UNIX systems, Windows systems, or MAC systems), various database systems, and a variety of FORTRAN dialects (FORTRAN 66, FORTRAN 77, VAX FORTRAN, PRIME FORTRAN, IBM FORTRAN, UNIVAC FORTRAN, SUN FORTRAN, etc.)
In the 2000s, we are applying our migration tools to the modernization and re-hosting of legacy applications from "old" platforms to contemporary platforms, like .NET (via translation to C# or VB.NET) or J2EE (via translation to Java).
Multi-dimensional Data Management and Modeling
A few also know us for the Promula Application Development System (promulaADS), one of the earliest (since 1982) multi-dimensional data management and data analysis/decision support tools. This tool has been used in the development of several large-scale modeling applications for use on the PC. It has also been used in the migration of large-scale (databased) analytical applications from mainframes to the PC via translation to the promulaADS language.